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Our main task is to process occurring problems of E9 workers staying in Korea.
-Sincere workers re-entry
-E-7,F-2 change visa
-Change of company
-Unpaid wages(monthly salary, retirement pay, dispute from employer)
-Samsung insurance, national pension

E-9 to E7-4

E7-4 is a system that check the condition of E9 workers with a scoring system and changes the visa if the worker have enough points.
The total score is 180 points. and if a worker with an annual salary of more than 26 million won, he or she must get 50points or more.
Workers with annual salary less than 26 million won can change their visa if they get more than 70 points. and also in this case, especially the items that can receive additional bonus points.

 1. Technical points
 Annual salary of 33 million won or more : 20 
 Annual salary is over 30 million won : 15 
 Salary over 26 million won : 10 
 You must receive the above salary for two years.

2. Education points
 university graduate or the higher : 10
 college graduate : 10 
 High school graduate : 5 

3. Age points
 ~ 24 years: 20 
 ~ 27 years old: 15

 ~ 29 years old: 10 
 ~ 32 years: 7

 ~ 34 years: 5 
 ~ 39 years old: 2 

4. Korean points
 Topik 5, KIIP 5 or higher: 20 
 Topik level 4, KIIP level 4 : 15 
 Topik Level 3, KIIP Level 3 : 10 
 Topik Level 2, KIIP Level 2 : 5 

5. Property points
 More than 100 million savings: 15 
 More than 60 million won in savings: 10 
 More than 30 million won in savings: 5 
 Assets more than 100 million in Korea: 20 
 Assets more than 80 million won in Korea : 15 
 Assets more than 50 million won in Korea :10 
 The savings must be paid for more than two years.
 If you have 100 million won in savings account and live in a house of 100 million won, you get 35 

6. Work experience points
 Roots(ppuri) Industrial work experience more than 6 years: 15 
 More than 4 years of working experience in roots industry: 10 
 More than 6 years of working experience outside roots industry: 10 
 More than 4 years of working experience: 5 
 Working outside the root industry refers to agriculture, fishery, livestock industry, manufacturing, and construction.

7. Education in Korea points
 university degree or higher in Korea: 10 
 college degree in Korea : 8 
 language center in Korea for 1 year or more: 5 
 Domestic center in Korea for 6 months to less than 1 year: 3 

8. Addition

master degree in korea : 10
 bachelor degree in Korea: 5
 associate degree r in Korea: 3 
 Government recommendation letter: 10 
 Work experience in province area: 5 to 10 
 Awards: 5 
 Volunteer activity: 3 
 Tax payment results: 1 ~ 5 

Re-entry of Sincere Worker

- Small manufacturing, Enrichment industry, Fishing and others, if you are working on this kind of company and been a sincere worker and did not change work place your Employer can make a request, after 3 months of departure you can re-entry and work again system.

- Applicable subject
1.No change of company during employment period
2.Works in manufacturing and fishery with less than 50 days
3. Completion of contract for more than 1 year after re-entry
4. Must voluntarily exit after your stay duration
5. Have a requirement to issue an employment permit such as an employment limit for each work place

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