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GMK wish you to have a good memory of korea.


We are a korean company specialized in visa for foreigners and migrant women.

We have all type of visa service like change, extension, invitation, adoption, study abroad, change of nationality.

While you are living in korea, you’ll encounter some problem with visa and immigration. And also you can have problem with understanding immigration information.

This is the reason why GMK VISA KOREA is here.

GMK VISA KOREA is here to provide information about visa in your language and solve the problem you have.

We promise you that GMK VISA KOREA provide a 100% satisfaction with a transparent and affordable services.

CI(Corporate Identity)
GMK 로고.jpg

· Color 

  various cultures and races with happy unity.

·  This logo symbolizes

  various culture and races with different colors living together        with unity in a happy society.

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