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Adoption / Birth Related


Adoption of a minor child(minor child of a foreigner married to a Korean who is living in their own country)

- The father of the child must still be alive and can be contacted and the adoption agreement is necessary.

Adoption of a foreigner’s child who stayed in Korea illegally

- If the status of the wife of a Korean who stayed here in Korea illegally is cleared then they can apply for a visa for her minor child.

- Child adoption 



Birth notification through embassy

-The birth of a child can be notified and get a passport through embassy if you don’t go back to your country.

Birth of a child declaration by a permanent resident

-As a permanent resident(F-5) in Korea you can report the of your child.

Korean family relation registration report

-After you report the birth of your child in your own country, you can now register the child to your family relation report.


Divorced notification in your own country

-After issuing documents related to divorce in Korea, it can be processed after translation and notarization to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the Embassy.

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