Study abroad / language school / invest


Study abroad

1.Examination after submission of required documents by university(high school grades and proof of assets).

2. Issuance of admission letter.

3. Visa issuance.

Bachelor of Arts course/admission

Undergraduate courses/admission

Master’s course/admission

PhD course/admission

Exchange student/admission

High school students(secondary school admission)


Language school

1. After submission of required documents by university(high school grades are relatively unimportant).

2. Issuance of admission letter.

3. Issuance of visa.

4. Admission to university language school(enrollment information of more than 100 universities)



Private investor of Korean people:

If you invest 100 million won to a company operated by Korean people and be their joint business partner.

Required professional manpower such as management of foreign-invested enterprises.

With your investment of 100 million won in a corporation you can have a 10% or more of the total number of voting stock. In the case of a senior contract, that is, investment in a Korean corporation or establishment of a corporation in Korea.

A person who has established or prepared a venture business:

Representative of a company that has been confirmed as a venture company or who has excellent technical ability.

Representative of the company that received the evaluation.


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