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Married Migrant women


Marriage Visa

It is a visa granted to a foreigner who is married to a Korean. We process visa issuance and change of visa.

F-6-1 Naturalization(Married status)

F-6-2 Naturalization(with minor child status)

F-6-3 Naturalization(Divorced status)

F-1 Visit Cohabitation

Grant the status of residency to those who have a reference in Korea.

Family of married immigrants including parents and sisters.

Invite relatives and other family members.

A housekeeper.

Nationality applicant.


Residence Visa

Minor child or a Korea:

If both parents has a Korean nationality but their child has a foreign nationality the child can apply F-2 visa.

The child must be in a single status when they apply for a F-2 visa.

Minor children of a person with permanent residency status:

If 1 parent has a F5 visa here in Korea(permanent residency) that person’s spouse and minor child can apply for F2-3 visa.

When a permanent resident gave birth while staying in Korea that child can also have a permanent residency.

Refugee recipient:

If you will apply for a refugee visa G-1(others) while your visa is still in the process you can stay in Korea, and if your refugee permit is granted you have a chance to apply for F2-4 visa.

High-priced and long-term stayed foreigner:

Must invest an amount of 500,000 US$ and has a D8(corporate investment) visa and stayed in Korea for more then 3 years.

then you can change your visa  to F2-5. After investing 500,000US$ in a company and has at least 5 employee for more than

6 months then you can apply for F5 visa(permanent residency).

Skilled production function, foreign manpower:

E9(non-professional employment), E10(sailor job), H2(visiting employment) within the past 10 years as a qualification and have a job certificate for more than 4 years, and if you are working in the same company for more than 3 years then you can apply for F2-6 visa. Depending on your eligibility requirements, an E9 visa may apply for E7(specific activities).

Excellent professional manpower by point system:

Must get a score of 80 points out of 120, and D5-D9, E1-E5, those who are staying with E7 visa and over master’s degree from Korea can apply for F2-7 visa.

Family Invitation

F-6 Inviting family members(C-3 tourist visa)

C-3 Change visa status to F-1 visa after entering with a tourist visa.

Other legal way’s to invite family members.

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